"New Reality Paradigm"-- from The Grail Conspiracies
Coded knowledge and hidden human potentials

Alchemy and the Holy Grail

The content here is adapted from The Grail Conspiracies, a spiritual
thriller by Michael McGaulley, and is based on his research for that 
book.  Keep in mind that The Grail Conspiracies is a work of fiction,
and some of the content has been adapted to fit the narrative.

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Excerpted from The Grail Conspiracies

Could alchemy—as improbable as that seemed—be the lead I was
looking for?

The alchemy section was in a little cubby-hole around the corner, a hot
airless place that seemed just right for reading about a dead science—if
you wanted to grace alchemy with the word science.

Reading up on alchemy seemed a waste of time. Still, Dad wanted every
stone turned, so I stuck it out . . . and, as things turned out, it was very
good that I did.

Granted, alchemy was the starting point from which modern chemistry
had originated, but supposedly alchemy had been discarded from real
science the way a snake sheds its skin as it matures.

Still, as I read, I began to wonder: Was it possible that there was more
to alchemy than we thought we knew nowadays? After all, some of the
most outstanding minds of past centuries had taken it seriously:
Albertus Magnus, mentor to Thomas Aquinas; Roger Bacon of Oxford;
Paracelsus. More recently, Carl Jung, who made a major study of
alchemy. Could they all have been misled?

Could there, just possibly, be some truth to it? Maybe enough truth—or
seeming truth—to have caught his attention . . . and the attention of all
the others who came after him?

Or was there another level of truth, a deeper secret hidden within

By one interpretation, alchemy focused on literally transmuting lesser
substances into gold. In this view, alchemy could be considered, as one
writer put it, “a kind of science of energy transformation.”

I reread that: A science of energy transformation.

Energy is transformed in an atomic explosion. So couldn’t it be said that
modern nuclear physicists were practicing a kind of alchemy?

It seemed far-fetched that there could be any link between the
alchemists’ “science of energy transformation” and what happened at

I read on, and came on this: “The secret of alchemy is this: there is a
way of manipulating matter and energy so as to produce what modern
scientists call a field of force.”

Now I was suddenly very interested. Field of Force. Manipulating matter
and energy. Terminology that echoes atomic physics.

Then I found something even more intriguing: In Colin Wilson’s Great
Mysteries, something said by a modern-day alchemist, a Monsieur
Fulcanelli, circa 1937, to a French atomic physicist: “The liberation of
atomic energy is easier than you think . . . I am telling you this for a fact:
the alchemists have known it for a very long time.”

Alchemy, a science of energy transformation.

Alchemists have known for a very long time the secrets of liberating
atomic energy.

So maybe he did stumble on a very old and very dangerous secret.

I was about to shut that book and move on when I read that in August,
1945, the American intelligence services attempted to contact this
Monsieur Fulcanelli, the alchemist who’d claimed knowledge of how to
use his science to liberate atomic energy. But they couldn’t find him.

The American intelligence services. Meaning the OSS. Had they come
looking for a lead to whatever he turned up?


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