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"Ultimate guide to the multiverse"

As parallel worlds, quantum physics, and the many-worlds theory play a role in my scientific thriller, THE GRAIL CONSPIRACIES, I thought you might find an article from Britain's New Scientist magazine of interest. 

I won't attempt to summarize it, rather just to intrigue you by some random bits drawn from it:

  • "...our most successful theories lead to the inescapable conclusion that our universe is just a speck in a vast sea of universes."
  • "The multiverse is not some kind of optional thing, like you can supersize or not. [Rather] "... it's there and we need to deal with it."
  • ". . . quantum mechanics implies that our universe is a single snowflake in a blizzard of parallel universes."
  • "How real are these parallel universes? As real as dinosaurs, says David Deutsch, a quantum physicist at the University of Oxford. " ' We've only ever seen fossils, and dinosaurs are the only rational explanation for them,' he says. 'Many worlds is the only rational explanation for the quantum phenomena we see. I think this is as good as dinosaurs.' "

There's plenty more, including one of the best brief distinctions I've seen describing the differences between the Bohr interpretation and that of Everett's many-worlds theory.

If it is no longer available on-line, you can find it at  issue 2840 of New Scientist magazine, page 42-47.








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