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Max Hastings' book: DAS REICH.The March of the 2nd Panzer Division Through France

Max Hastings (now Sir Max Hastings) began his career as a war correspondent, then served as editor of two London newspapers: THE DAILY TELEGRAPH and THE EVENING STANDARD. He has also written numerous books and been involved in a variety of TV series.

That's background to his book, DAS REICH.The March of the 2nd Panzer Division Through France, American edition, Henry Holt, 1982, which gave me some relevant history on what was happening in the area around La Rochelle, France, around the time of D-Day . . . an era that formed the backdrop of my speculative thriller, THE GRAIL CONSPIRACIES.

Amazon: Max Hastings DAS REICH the March of the 2nd SS Panzer Division Through France

That is the same Max Hastings I referenced in another post on this blog for his article commenting on the riots in England last summer, which, to my mind, were an eerie playing-out of the Twisted Messiah "celebrations" that occur in my THE GRAIL CONSPIRACIES.  Here's a bit from that post, quoting Hastings:

The "feral humans" who partook in them did it as much for the excitment as for the goods they could steal. Sadly, "The depressing truth is that at the bottom of our society is a layer of young people with no skills, education, values or aspirations. They do not have what most of us would call 'lives': they simply exist." And a bit later: "They have their being only in video games and street-fights, casual drug use and crime.

My blog post: "Twisted Messiah" fan riots improbable? Reality strikes in England!

 Max Hastings article in London Mail online



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