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"Have we lost the will to live?"--opinion piece

That's the question raised in a recent USA Today opinion piece by Rebecca D. Costa.  Find it here

She says,

"Thriving, happy, connected human beings don't use guns to harm others, no matter how plentiful. They don't fashion fertilizer or airplanes into bombs. And they don't need the government to regulate these things. Nature has designed us so that the will to live acts as a deterrent against anything that threatens our continuation — including opening fire in a public place.

"Fix this, and it won't be long before gun control is superseded by self-control. And at the end of the day, isn't this a far more lasting alternative than surrendering hard-won liberties?"

I mostly agree.  Thriving, happy, connected human beings do notset out to harm others.  BUT what about those who are not happy, not thriving, and not connected with the rest of the world? What if they are connected only with a sub-culture of anger, hatred, envy and resentment?

And no, contrary to what you might be thinking, I am not (or at least not just) speaking of known terrorist members and groups.

Rather, I'm speaking of a force within the United States and countries of Europe where reside a potential "army" of young disaffected, looking for a messiah . . . or at least something exciting to do. (As in the London riots of summer, 2011.)

What if a non-governmental entity-- a would-be messiah, maybe headed by a charismatic rock group -- set out to enlist that army of the angry?  What if that messiah group, perhaps neo-Nazi in mindset, had access to today's technologies that go far beyond Hitler's Nuremberg rallies  in the power to entrance audiences  . .  . a world-wide audience?

-- That charismatic rock group with world-wide quasi-political ambitions is Twisted Messiah, led by lead singer Jesse Cripes, as in my technothriller, THE GRAIL CONSPIRACIES.



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